Polly Lock ShippingThe Polly Lock is a school door restraint device that is designed to secure any type door quickly and efficiently from intruder access. It is cost efficient, and the simplistic design makes it a product that can be applied by a broad range of users in an emergency scenario.

The inspiration for The Polly Lock came from the designers Randy and Shari. Shari is a career elementary school teacher and Randy is a former law enforcement officer. Shari’s classroom is located near the entrance to their school. If an intruder entered, she was concerned that her classroom would be the first attacked. Her husband, Randy, designed a simple device in his garage that would secure her swing-out classroom door. When it was demonstrated at her class, many other teachers requested similar devices. The Polly Lock will secure swing-in or swing-out interior and exterior doors with minimal or no installation needed.

It really is that easy. The Polly Lock comes to your location ready to use. In most instances, there is no assembly or installation required. It is ready to use “out of the box.” The restraint can be demonstrated to staff or students on a single occasion, and then effectively applied or disengaged in a matter of less than 10 seconds. This makes it optimum for instances when there are substitute teachers, incapacitated staff, or emergency episodes where timing is crucial.

The Polly Lock is a leader in this age of security concerns and priced to be realistically accessible to any facility no matter their current budgetary position. Several schools have partnered with local donors or private individuals to fund the purchase. For a small investment, students and teachers can be protected in the event of an intruder or active shooter.

The Polly Lock is patented.

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